Gregg Yan macaques_2

Masters of monkey business

Cunning and immensely resourceful, some species of Asia’s near-ubiquitous macaque are experts at carving out a niche in our crowded region By Gregg Yan The grizzled guardian blocked the scuffed trail, an upturned palm demanding payment. Midway up the summit of Mt Bongao in the southern Philippines, our team stares right back, the air thick and tense. No one moves. It’s a test of wills, a face-off in the middle of the jungle. One which we can’t let a macaque win. *      *      * From the peaks of Hong Kong to the temples of Bali, macaque monkeys have proved to be hardy generalists, showing an innate ability to adapt and thrive … [Read more...]


Damming indictment

MELTDOWN IN TIBET BY MICHAEL BUCKLEY (Palgrave Macmillan) Freshwater is fast becoming the world's most important commodity as we pollute and misuse our rivers and plumb ever deeper for groundwater. Michael Buckley shows in this hard-hitting book how China is simultaneously one of the most greedy users and most egregious abusers of water. He looks at the Salween, Mekong and several other of Asia's other mightiest transboundary rivers in particular, showing how China has diverted, fouled or dammed as it sees fit, giving little heed to the consequences downstream even when the impacts fall on its own people too. Not content with … [Read more...]

Snorkel and mask

Breathe easy

Get more out of your time in the water by looking for these key features when choosing a mask and snorkel PROFILE  The more air inside the mask, the more you have to equalise as you descend. Less critical to snorkellers, but freedivers will want as small a volume as possible to avoid losing valuable air. LENS Should always be tempered glass which is much less dangerous in the event that it shatters. Those needing prescription lenses will want a twin- or multiple-lens setup to allow for modification. TILT ANGLE The front window of newer masks is tilted back at the bottom to give better visibility, especially for … [Read more...]

Ki Niseko

Ki Niseko

Ki Niseko is a luxury hotel that combines rustic alpine charm with modern Japanese elegance. Offering views of the dormant volcano Mt Yotei and the largest night skiing area in Asia, our ski-in ski-out location is perfect for your winter adventure. Whether you are into backcountry snowboarding on a volcano, carving legendary powder snow, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, winter rafting, heli-skiing or simply learning how to ski, Ki Niseko has easy access to it all. If you’re arriving between 8 March and 28 April 2015, you can reserve the Early Bird Ki Niseko special offer to receive 10% off your room and a host of other valuable amenities. This … [Read more...]


Stairmasters to compete in Hong Kong

Taking place on Sunday, December 7, the Race to Hong Kong ICC will be the grand finale of the 2014 Vertical World Circuit. In a last blast for the annual skyscraper stair series, runners will fight tooth and nail in the 2,120 steps up to the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building, the International Commerce Centre (ICC). Australians took the top spot last year, with Mark Bourne (12 minutes 4 seconds) and Suzy Walsham (14 minutes 32 seconds) winning in the elite divisions. Both were crowned world champions of the Vertical World Circuit. Organised as part of the SHKP Vertical Run, the event follows on from a race held on October 26 in … [Read more...]

One shot

Watch this awe inspiring, jaw-dropping, hill hopping ride on a custom made track, using custom made filming techniques. Whether you're into mountain biking or not, you will be impressed! Related articles: Drinking Shoots and leaves | Pilgrimage by pedal | Taking to the road: Mountain biking around Chiang Mae and Mae Hong Song | … [Read more...]